Cookie Policy


Cookies are pieces of data, normally stored in text files, that websites place on visitors’ computers to store a range of information, usually specific to that visitor – or the device they are using to view the site, eg browser or mobile phone. Cookies are made up of sections of installed code within the User’s browser that help the Owner to supply the best service. Some of the objectives of the installation of the Cookies could require consent of the User.


Technical Cookies and Grouped Statistics
This website uses cookies to save the User’s session, in order to carry out similar necessary functions such as the distribution of traffic.
Saving preferences, enhancing experience and statistics
This website uses Cookies to save navigation preferences and to optimize the user’s navigation experience. Some of these Cookies store the actions and information of the User, such as language settings and grouped statistics which can be managed by the Owner’s statistics.


Other types of Cookies or third party instruments which could use them
Some of the services listed below gather statistics in a grouped format and may not need the consent of the User. They could be managed directly by the Owner with no help from a third party.


The services contained in the present section allow for the Owner to monitor and analyze the traffic data. They also serve to track the User’s actions.


Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a web service analysis provided by Google Inc. (Google). Google uses gathered Personal Data with the aim of tracking and examining the use of the Application and to write up reports and share them with other services developed by Google.
Note: Google could use the Personal Data to contextualise and personalise advertisements on their own publicity network.
The collection of personal data is : Cookies and Data use
Location: U.S.A
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Third party services:
Within the pages of this website, there are third party services which can set up to use cookies/similar technologies. The use of these cookies and similar technologies by such companies is regulated by the privacy rules of the companies themselves, and not by the rules of this document as the Data Regulator is not connected to the management of such tools and to the treatment of data.


Provided below is an (incomplete) list of some of the company partners which can use cookies while the User navigates this website:
Google Analytics (note)
Google Adsense (note)
Google (note)


How can I manage Cookies from within my browser?
In addition to what is stated in this document, to prevent third parties from installing them, the user could also manage their Cookie preferences from directly within own browser. Through the browser preferences, it is also possible to delete previously installed Cookies, including those for which consent was saved by the website at the installation of the Cookies. It is important to note that disabling all cookies may compromise the operation of the website.


For instructions for the most popular browsers to help carry out your own personal Cookie configuration, see below:


1. Click on ‘Tools’ in the browser at the top of the page
2. Select ‘Internet Options’
3. Select ‘Privacy’
4. To activate the cookies, set the level of Privacy as ‘Medium’ or below. (Setting up the level of Privacy above ‘Medium’ use of cookies will deactivate them.)


Mozilla Firefox
1. Click on ‘Tools’ in the browser at the top of the page
2. Click on ‘Internet Options’
3. Select ‘Privacy’
4. Click on ‘Cookies’
5. Select ‘Accept the cookies on the site’ or ‘Accept the third party cookies’


Google Chrome
1. Click the ‘Google Chrome’ icon on the menu
2. Select ‘Settings’
3. Further down the page, select ‘Show advanced settings’
4. In the ‘Privacy’ section, select ‘Contained settings’
5. Select ‘Prevent the site from setting up data’


Apple Safari
1. Click on the ‘Safari’ tab on the top of the browser
2. Select ‘Preferences’
3. Click on ‘Privacy’
4. Set up your choice on ‘Website Cookies and Data’


For more information on the use of Cookies and how to block them, see:


Data Regulator/ Data Owner


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From the moment of the installation of the Cookies and other tracking systems by third parties through services used within this Application, the Owner cannot technically control it. Every specific reference to Cookies and tracking systems installed by a third party is clearly indicated.
For more detailed information, consult the private policy of the potential third services listed in this document.


For more detailed information on principal and other possible uses of Cookies carried out through this website (eg third party activities), and due to the complexity linked to the identification of technologies surrounding Cookies and their strict integration within the functioning of the web, the User is invited to contact the Owner.